The Top 3 Blockchain Innovations of 2017 Until Now

2017 has been an amazing year for the cryptocurrency landscape. Lets take a look at what many experts consider to be the TOP Innovations of the year.

EOS by Dan Larimer

EOS, the largest threat and competitor to Ethereum, is headed by Dan Larimer, a programmer and the engineer behind BitShares and Steem. EOS is a new operating system for blockchains that is more scalable and faster than Ethereum.

Furthermore, the system will allow users to build decentralized applications more efficiently. EOS is addressing speed and scalability issues by creating a faster operating system, EOS is opening new opportunities and challenging the ways of old institutions.

EOS will allow for horizontal and veritical integration allowing applications and products such as Bitshares and Steemit to be build on the EOS nework. This is game changing and will shake the cryptocurrency landscape as we know it.

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EOS also uses a delegated proof of stake consensus model to verify transactions. The model works similar to a representative democracy and “witnesses” or delegates verify and maintain the validity of the blockchain. This democratic approach encourages people to actively use their voices and creates a larger sense of community.

Tezos Self-Amending Crypto Ledger

Tezos is the first ever ‘Self-Amending Crypto Ledger’. In simple words, this new type of blockchain allows for consensual upgrades to its protocols, which empowers it to govern itself. Tezos is a highly secure digital ledger that’s decentralized because of the way it records information and transactions. And the hands behind it want to take the technology even farther.

A Self-Amending Crypto Ledger is extremely relevant today as we witness a possible bitcoin fork. Forks in crypto currencies weaken the crypto community and therefore Tezos will solve these issues moving forward. A truly revolutionary concept!

Their website states “Tezos facilitates formal verification, a technique which mathematically proves the correctness of the code governing transactions and boosts the security of the most sensitive or financially weighted smart contracts,”

Tezos is also its own blockchain, not a derivative on other blockchains like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Tezos is a secure, future-proof smart contract system. Because Tezos has a built-in consensus mechanism, its protocol can evolve, and incorporate new innovations over time, without the risk of hard forks splitting the market.

Token Card TKN Smart Contract Powered Debit Card

The first ever Smart Contract Powered Debit Card! Equally as revolutionary as EOS and Tezos! TokenCard allows you to spend ERC20 tokens at debit card terminals around the world. This is revolutionary: you can buy groceries in DGX, ETH, DAI or any other ERC20 token (EOS and Tezos).

You can even spend multiple tokens in a single transaction, and even autonomously maintain a desired portfolio allocation within your Contract Wallet while you do it. Customers will have control over their own smart wallets meaning that funds do not have to be deposited anywhere. Your tokens are secured inside a contract wallet you control.

Allowances to enable TokenCard payments are set by you and can be modified or even revoked at any time by you. To date, hardware wallets such as Ledger Nano S have a reputation of being the most secure way to store your cyrptocurrencies, however, in the future this will change as smart wallets rise in popularity.

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