BTC to USD – Thinking About Selling Your Bitcoins? How to Get the Best Price!

Buying and selling Bitcoin has become a bit of a guessing game lately. It is hard to tell which sites are better than others to exchange BTC to USD. But do not worry. All you need is a little help and some knowledge regarding how to get the best prices if you are looking to selling your bitcoins.

Over The Counter

One of the best ways to get the price you are looking for is by making a Bitcoin over the counter transaction or OTC for short. This type of operation revolts around a buyer and a seller agreeing to a price before making the exchange in person or online. OTC is riskier than any other form of trade because the other person could be a scammer. The upside is that it carries no fees.

To start trading in OTC, you can just go to Reddit or any other forum and start negotiating with other people who are interested in buying BTC. But if you prefer to be where the best prices are found, these are the websites where all the big Bitcoin OTC traders hang out:


The original trading network it is still alive. The Freenode IRC has several OTC rooms where a web of trust gives you an idea about who is a reliable trading partner and who is not.


Starting in 2016, Bitfiex offers an OTC trading desk. The exchange is still heavily used for standard trades. But if you want to skip the fees while staying under a secure platform, this is the place.


Genesis has been around for as long as memory serves. The reliable platform has and OTC desk for Bitcoin and several Altcoins.


One of the current leaders in Bitcoin OTC trade, ItBit has an official desk for anyone looking to buy or sell medium to significant amounts of Bitcoin. ItBit offers personal support and guidance if some extra advice is needed.


Everyone knows the existence of Bitcoin exchanges. They are the most secure way to buy or sell BTC. The downside is that they all charge you for each transaction made and you are at the mercy of market forces. The upside is that you have precise BTC markers and no risk of being scammed or infected by malware while selling coins. There are a plethora of exchanges to choose from, but these are the ones that offer the best prices:


With over four million users, Coinbase is one of the biggest exchanges available. It has low fees, easy to use interface, a strong customer support, and an online wallet.


Less of a Bitcoin exchange and more of a p2p place, LocalBitcoins offer ESCROW to guarantee that all funds are transferred securely and safely with low fees. The site is also PayPal friendly and completely anonymous


This UK and EU exchange is perfect for large trades. It accepts credit cards, and the fee lowers the more Bitcoin you are selling. The only downside is that it is not available globally.


The European exchanges have gained a reputation for being a cheap and reliable source to buy and sell Bitcoin. It has the cheapest fees of the group, and it accepts almost all currencies.